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Brand Health Check

Brands need regular health checks just like people do.
In our brand health check we examine the brand or the
portfolio of brands using a full 360 degree undertaking: a retrospective look at what has occurred in the brand's past, a concurrent check on what's the status right now and a prospective analysis on what may be the case in the future, in order to ultimately be forward-looking, so that the brand can face the future knowing what it wants to become.​​ The work is based on a thorough assessment using questionnaires, internal and external interviews and observations, existing and/or new research and case specific analysis tools. Whatever the best case specific data is, our aim is to turn the data analysis into actionable insights.
The brand health check is documented in the form of a Brand Health Statement, which can also be seen as a brand brief that can be used for future marketing strategy and creative development. The Brand Health Statement includes typically some or all of the following brand elements:
  • Brand Mission, Vision and Values
  • Brand Personality
  • Key features and benefits
  • Value proposition (including points of parity and points of differentiation)
  • Positioning
  • Target audience (based on customer insight)
  • Market / competitive assessment
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