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Client testimonials

Using enthusiasm and customer insight to deliver targets.

The founder of Brandlives, Johanna, is a strategic marketing and branding professional with close to 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising agency management and strategic planning. She has a proven track record in overcoming the challenges facing global brands, and creating profitable marketing strategies delivered through all channels, for various industries.

In her personal life she is passionate about sports and health and wellbeing, which she wants to bring to her work too. She is always using her ambition about driving the targets and her persistency for the results, in order to exceed her clients' expectations - not just get things done but also continuously improve.


“Johanna and her team were an important strategic business partner to Esmerk Group playing a significant role in developing Esmerk global marketing, brand,

corporate image and identity. I have always admired her ability to understand client's business and how to utilize that to all marketing and brand development. She is a truly trusted business partner and her customer-approach in everything she does is something I always appreciate.”

Timo Hamalainen, Global Brand Manager, Esmerk Group

“Johanna has always demonstrated reliability, a high level of commitment and ease of working together. I know her as a result driven marketing, branding and advertising professional with a profound understanding of the client’s business.

Her ability to keep projects on track within agreed budget frames have impressed me. Johanna approaches tasks with a straightforward attitude and focus of actually making things happen – this she does with a high level of enthusiasm. Exploring new possibilities and being able to convert these into actionable insights is also one of her strengths. Last but not least, it’s fun to work with her.”

Ahti Levaaho, Managing Director, Metro Newspaper

"Johanna is a leader, strategist and friend. As Managing Director of Touch Worldwide, Helsinki, Johanna's leadership helped her teams deliver quantifiable results that continually exceeded clients expectations. Her ability to mentor individuals and bring teams together was an extraordinary gift to the entire organization. As a strategist, Johanna brings a global perspective and a unique ability to overcome the big challenges facing global brands. Johanna brings the same energy and passion to her friendships as every other part of her life. She is a person you can absolutely count on and I'm honored to call Johanna my friend.

I highly recommend Johanna as a strategist, consultant or leader in the global brand and/or media world." 

Jim Angelo, Partner and Executive Producer at Dialogue Pictures, Dialogue Entertainment and Dialogue Live


“Johanna's working style is very co-operative and customer centric. She is goal oriented and she always challenged her team to go outside the box to be even more disruptive than we as a customer were ready to be. Project results were extremely good both business wise as well as on company brand level.”

Ove Uljas, Managing Director, Pfizer Oy

"I think Johanna represents all the best qualities that make the Nordic countries successful: she’s fair, honest, civilized, and easy to be with – and at the same time very well-organized, determined and passionate about driving the targets. A perfect choice for a company willing to strengthen its competitive advantage and ability to speak to new audiences." 

Anssi Kuokka, a co-worker and employee for many years

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