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In the specific brand examination, we analyze and diagnose the problem areas of the brand that have been recognized either by the client themselves or in our overall brand health check. Based on the
diagnosis, we prescribe a suitable treatment and/or medication, in other words a plan on how to develop and nurture the brand. We also aim to recognize possible future problem areas and offer preventive guidance in the form of "immunization" and brand "life-style" recommendations.​
The specific brand examination is documented in the form of a Brand Health Development Plan, which is a plan that describes the elements of the brand that require the greatest attention and recommends actions in order to develop those. The Brand Health Development Plan can be used as a basis for a brand and marketing strategy.
Our specific branding services also include the following areas:
  • Buyer Persona analysis and Consumer Insight creation
  • Competitive Marketing analysis and planning
  • UX and CX analysis (User Experience and Customer Experience)

Specific Brand Examination

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