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A healthy and happy brand is meaningful and valuable. 

Brands that wish to live a long and healthy life need to be nurtured. We like to speak about the various brand evaluation and development processes with the terms known from the healthcare, thus the services we offer vary from primary care general practitioner's brand health checks, diagnosis and prescriptions, to selected secondary care special treatments and specific individual medication.
Our services are suitable for any size of a brand or brand portfolio, in any industry. What is the most important to us, is your willingness to nurture your brand to live healthier and "happier".
And what does that mean, in practice?
A healthy and happy brand can become more meaningful and important to its' customers, thereby more valuable for you. All the nurturing and healing of a brand will ultimately serve for two business purposes:
  1. External purpose: We assess your brand's experienced meaning with its' customers ("How do your customers actually understand your brand?").
  2. Internal purpose: We make your brand explicit to its' customers by defining it's intended meaning ("What do you want your brand meaning to be?").


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